PTA By-Laws and Standing Rules

Blythe Park PTA By-Laws 2017-2019

Blythe Park PTA Standing Rules 2016-2017

Blythe Park PTA Standing Rules 2019-20: PROPOSED

Over the course of this year, the PTA Executive Board descriptions in Blythe Park PTA’s Standing Rules were reviewed and updated.

Attached for review by the general membership are the proposed changes to Article VII – Duties of Officers, Sections 1-5 in the Blythe Park PTA Standing Rules.

The proposed changes will be voted on at the PTA general membership meeting on Tuesday, April 16th at 8:30am.

Click on the following link to view a full copy of the Standing Rules (changes are highlighted): Blythe Park PTA Standing Rules 2019-20: PROPOSED

The PTA has two documents that guide the organization in conducting business – the Bylaws and the Standing Rules.

The Standing Rules outline the procedures of the association with specific details that are not included in the Bylaws.

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