Field Day is Thursday. Make sure your child wears their team t-shirt color.

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field day 3The last big PTA event, FIELD DAY, is this  Thursday, June 2nd.  This year’s Field Day theme is “The Lazy Days of Summer”.  On Friday, an e-mail was sent with the list teams for this year’s field day.  Please make sure that your child wears the t-shirt color that represents their team.  The list has also been posted on the windows of the school by the K-2 doors.

The planning crew for Field Day is looking to borrow a volleyball net and 10-15 beach towels to use in two of the field day games.  If you have either and could lend them to us for the day, please contact Lisa Gaynor or Kathie Ford.

If you would like to come enjoy the morning with the kids and volunteer to help, we are still are looking for a couple more people to help out. Click on this button and check out what is still available.

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