Final Call for Box Tops!

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We are headed for the finish line in our Race for Box Tops!

Overall Progress – Over the last week we collected 589 Box Tops, putting our total for the year at 10,836 Box Tops, which is 90% of the way to our goal of 12,000 Box Tops!  Help us reach our goal by turning in any Box Tops you have this week!

Classroom Achievements – Mr. Preble’s and Mrs. Pollock’s classrooms both reached the next award levels and will be receiving their treats this week.  In addition, Mrs. Bassing’s, Mrs. Sayre’s and Mrs. Depke’s classrooms are within striking distance of the next award level.  Send in your Box Tops this week!

Bassing – 831 (169 away from an animal cracker treat for the class)

Sayre – 850 (150 away from an animal cracker treat for the class)

Depke – 277 (223 away from a fruit roll treat for the class)

Bryan – 1,144

King – 2,652

Helfrich – 2,457

Preble – 1,000

Pollock – 500

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