HighTouch HighTech classroom science demonstrations Tuesday!

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This Tuesday, HighTouch HighTech scientists will bring fun science experiments to Blythe Park classrooms. *Sponsored by the PTA.

Hands-on science experiments will allow students to make direct observations, manipulate materials and equipment, and develop an understanding of how science applies to daily life.

Students will be experimenting with the following topics:

  • KindergartenLet’s Make Sense: Exploring our 5 senses. Discovering how much we rely on our senses.
  • 1st GradeDig It: Learning about gems, rocks, and minerals and where they come from. Uncovering the mysteries of rock formation and crystalline structure. Panning for real gems. Classifying gems and finding out why they are precious.
  • 2nd Grade – Extreme Scene: Learning about the earth’s extreme environments. Learning about deserts and how animals and plants adapt to harsh climates. Learning about arctic biomes and how animals stay warm. Making things glow with bioluminescence.
  • 3rd GradeMatter Matters: Discovering all states of matter including plasma. Exploring evaporation rates and the cool journey from liquid to gas. Discovering liquid densities.
  • 4th Grade – Globs, Goo, and Guts: Making all kinds of icky sticky stuff. Hands-on look at real cow guts. Learning the systems of the body, and finding out what makes us tick.
  • 5th GradeiCool: Learning about mechanical and electrical engineering. Building prototypes and designing a mechanical grabber, bug bots, and hover crafts.

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